Texas Bluebonnet Award 2014-2015

Resources for the TBA Nominees


TBA 2014-15 Master List                                TBA Master List with Annotations

tba master list           tba annotations

Book Tracking Chart                                              Book Tracking Chart with Covers

tba book tracking chart  TBA chart with covers

Whole Class Tracking Chart                                      Texas Map Book Tracking Chart

tba whole class chart  tba texas map


Whole Class Tracking Chart Editable (.xlsx)

tba whole class chart


10 thoughts on “ALL DOWNLOADS

  1. Thank you for these resources awesome!

  2. Where can I locate bookmarks for this year’s nominees?

  3. Appreciate the tracking charts especially the graphic ones. However, it would be helpful if all charts included a spot for the student to put his/her name & maybe teacher’s name. Just a suggestion.

  4. Thank you!

  5. These resources are amazing! Especially love the editable whole class list, will make keeping track of my classes much easier!

  6. I am going to use the book tracking chart with covers. Thank you!

  7. Is there a book mark for this year’s books?

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